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City Council Seat B: Brenda Baker

My name is Brenda Baker and I arrived in this beautiful community in 2015 to work for North Port Rentals/Aleutian Freight Services.  I am now proud to call Unalaska my home.

I quickly learned that beyond the breathtaking scenery, the beauty of Unalaska is in the diversity of the people living, working and traveling here. 

On multiple occasions I've seen how this community rallies together to support fellow Unalaskans in their time of need.  That, above all else, has inspired my call to serve on the City Council.  Many special interests are already well served on the current and past councils, but my desire is to be a voice for the community.  I believe all Unalaskans should have a voice.

For the past 25 years I have worked in logistics — problem solving at a high and creative level has been part of my experience during this time.  Prior to my move to Unalaska, I worked for 17 years at Horizon/Alaska Airlines starting on the ramp before moving to the AOG (Aircraft on the Ground) desk within Maintenance Control. 

I worked simultaneously with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) in Region X covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.  I was hand picked by the Cadre Manager from my Emergency Management Degree Courses to work in the Mitigation Division for my ability to think outside the box and problem solving capabilities.  I contributed to the FEMA Mitigation handbooks for windstorms, winter storms, earthquakes and tsunamis — little did I realize this knowledge would come in handy living in Unalaska.

I would appreciate everyone's votes in what would be an exciting honor to serve this great community of Unalaska on your City Council.  Most importantly — get out and vote!!!