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'You're Dancing With The Person Who Raised You:' PCR Hosts 8th Annual Father-Daughter Dance

Emma Tiura


Saturday's Father Daughter Dance was an elegant affair. The event encouraged girls to participate in dancing, music, and games with their male role models. Now in its eighth year, around 100 people attended the annual event at Unalaska's community center.


Princess Keywona, a first-time attendee, declared it "amazing and so pretty." She went on to describe the event for listeners who might have missed it.


"[It is] glamorous, sparkly, and it has a bunch of lights," said Keywona. "There's a lot of songs and people are dancing and a lot of food and sliders too."

The PCR gym was, indeed, quite glamourous. Volunteers decorated the dancefloor with vaulted white tents, streamers, and a glittery curtain that anyone who entered the event must walk through. There were infinite shades of tulle dresses.

Princess Keywona came with her sisters and her teacher's friend. Other groups also rolled deep. Rosanne came with her cousins Chelsea and Nariah, as well as her uncle, Junior. 


"I call them all my daughters," Junior said. "They’re really important to me."

Rosanne and her cousins asked Junior to come.

"It's special because you’re dancing with the person who raised you," explained Rosanne. "It means a lot."

Riley asked her dad, Randy, to take the day off.

"My dad's always working so this is the time to have fun with my dad," said Reily. 

This is their second father-daughter dance. Riley felt it was important that they return again this year.


"There's people around who don't have their families to be with them," she said. 

"Time is short," Riley's dad, Randy, added. "Who knows? Maybe tomorrow she doesn't want to spend time with dad," he said. "Once they get old they have their own things in their lives. Might as well take advantage, you know?"

Joseph has also been working a lot this season. He brought his daughter, Matilda.

"I just wanted to come here to spend time with my dad," said Matilda. "We don’t get that much time together because he's always at work."

Joseph came here, in part, to help show his daughter that, despite how much he's working right now, he'll always be here for her.

"As a father I think it's our duty to protect and guide our children, especially our daughters," said Joseph. "And to cherish each moment that we have together."

When asked if she had anything to add, Matilda turned to her dad. 

"I love you," she said. 

Caroline reported for KUCB in 2020.
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