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Police Say A Cicada Is Responsible For A Car Crash In Ohio

Cincinnati police said a cicada is responsible for a single-car crash in the city's East End neighborhood Monday evening. While the driver sustained only minor injuries, the cicada was not as fortunate, and was found dead on the car's floorboard.

The cicada flew through an open window and hit the driver's face, causing them to crash into a utility pole and total the car, according to a tweet by the Cincinnati Police Department.

Swarms of Brood X cicadas have emerged in vast portions of the eastern United States, awakening from their 17-year underground slumber to mate. Although cicadas have one of the longest lifespans of any insect, they die shortly after mating, and Brood X adults are expected to be gone by the end of July until the next cycle.

The department's social media director, Sgt. Eric Franz, told NPR this has been the first major cicada-related incident in the area during this cycle. Police have advised city residents to keep their car windows closed to avoid similar accidents.

Josie Fischels is an intern on NPR's News Desk.

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Josie Fischels