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Rescued Ringed Seal Makes Full Recovery

Oct 13, 2017

Seven months after getting picked up in Unalaska, this ringed seal has made a full recovery at the Alaska Sea Life Center.
Credit Carrie Goertz, Alaska SeaLife Center

Unalaska’s Sea Grant officers have rescued a northern fur seal pup found stranded on Front Beach. The pup has been sent to Seward’s Alaska Sealife Center for care because he was found far from his rookery and had little chance of survival on his own. He’s not the first pup Unalaska has rescued this year.

In March, the Sealife Center took in a yearling ringed seal from Unalaska. Normally found on the ice, she was out of her range and having trouble regulating her body temperature.

Seven months later, the seal has made a full recovery. Like all stranded ice seals found outside their natural range, she will not be released into the wild.

The Sealife Center is waiting to hear where she will be placed, but say her future involves lounging by pools and helping people learn about her species.