Council Commends Department Of Public Safety For Recent Responses

Aug 29, 2018

The City Council thanked the Department of Public Safety on Tuesday. In the last week, officials have responded to a fatal boating accident and launched an investigation into an incident involving teens and a handgun.
Credit Berett Wilber/KUCB

The City Council is praising police and school officials for their handling of a July incident that recently came to light, during which two Unalaska teenagers allegedly threatened another teen with a handgun.

On Tuesday, Councilor Dennis Robinson commended both groups for their "exceptional" work.

"I would like to thank the Unalaska City School District and Department of Public Safety for the excellent job concerning some minors and mischief, so to speak," said Robinson. "As a parent, I feel extremely comfortable having my children in school. My family is personally involved in that, but I do feel very comfortable."

Robinson did not specify how his family is involved in the incident, which was first reported to adults on Thursday.

Police launched an investigation last week, while school officials arranged for the accused students to complete schoolwork at home.

Acting Public Safety Director Jennifer Shockley has said all students' families are cooperating with the investigation, which involves local police and the state Division of Juvenile Justice. She expects to decide whether to file charges by the end of the week.

Mayor Frank Kelty also applauded Public Safety for its response to a fatal boating accident on Sunday.

David Long, 55, of Unalaska died during a recreational fishing trip that ended in a capsizing near Morris Cove. His fishing partner, whose name has not been released, survived without serious injuries.

Authorities are still investigating the accident and the cause of Long's death. Kelty said he's sent a letter of thanks to police and first responders on behalf of the mayor's office and council.