As Council Cancels Session On ‘Litigation,’ Legal Matter At Stake Remains Unclear

Jun 13, 2018

Credit Berett Wilber/KUCB

The Unalaska City Council could be headed to court, although the legal matter at stake is unclear.

On Tuesday, city councilors had scheduled an executive session to "discuss litigation."

But they canceled it after several councilors joined the meeting by telephone, resulting in an insufficient in-person quorum for discussion behind closed doors.

City Manager Thomas E. Thomas declined to comment on the nature of the litigation.

It's unclear if there is any connection to a state investigation that concerns at least one of Unalaska's elected officials.

The Alaska Office of Special Prosecutions (OSP) has been reviewing the findings of that Alaska State Troopers inquiry since late April.

At that time, Chief Assistant Attorney General Paul Miovas said OSP would decide whether to pursue criminal charges after a month or two.

He has not responded to KUCB's requests for comment since.

Miovas, Troopers, and local officials have all declined to comment on the scope of the investigation, although a former councilor has suggested it stems from a personnel controversy that erupted last summer between the council and former city manager Dave Martinson.

The council's next meeting is June 26. Thomas declined to say whether the litigation discussion will be back on the agenda.